Volunteer at Artomatic

Artomatic is completely volunteer-run. From building the performance stages to coordinating with reporters, everything you see is the work of dedicated volunteers. If you have time to help us organize or a talent you'd like to share, let us know. We need people with a range of skills, including marketing, media, event planning and just plain organization.

Many key planning tasks still need someone to coordinate them:

Help we need now

Stage managers and production assistants
At our busiest times, we have performances going on several stages at once. Help keep it all running smoothly! Email volunteer@artomatic.org to lend a hand. 
Other help at the event
It takes lots of hands to keep the building fully staffed, and we would love your help. Volunteering is a great way to both get behind the scenes and connect with others in the Artomatic community. To sign up,  go to this form and select the option "volunteer for shifts."
Volunteer coordination
We coordinate the work of hundreds of volunteers, and particularly need help in these areas:
  • Managing records
  • Starting a volunteer incentive and recognition program.
  • Planning and coordinating volunteer cultivation events

Gallery Management
Gallery managers are so important to our event, they help to:

  • Assign volunteers for each shift
  • Act as "go to" people during the shift that volunteers will ask questions to etc.

Because of the training and responsibility involved we ask the Gallery Managers to work more than three shifts during and event so that we don't have to train as many people, so generally it is the artist or person who wants to be more involved but not necessarily be part of a committee.

Getting the word out about Artomatic is a big job, and we need help with:

  • Producing and coordinating video and photos
  • Getting the word our through our street team
  • Writing, including documenting Artomatic's history
  • Contributing to Wikipedia on Artomatic-related entries

Please tell the marketing leads what role you are interested in.

Longer-term volunteer opportunities


We need help:

  • Establishing an online donor program, potentially including thank-you incentives
  • Writing grant applications

Core teams that run Artomatic year-round

We'll need lots of other help! If you're interested in other kinds of projects, take a look at the full list of volunteer teams.

Email volunteer@artomatic.org to let us know what role you're interested in.

We're looking forward to working with you!