Designing Your Space

Artomatic 2017

Keep in mind that Artomatic does NOT censor or jury artwork!  If there is work you do not wish to exhibit next to, please contact your space-mate(s) to ensure their work is not offensive to you. All artists have equal right to display their work.  If you find the work around you to be offensive, Artomatic will attempt to work with you to find a new space.  This may not always be possible.

What You Can Do:

  • It’s your space and you can curate as you wish.
  • You may paint your space any color you choose.
  • You must use a drop cloth when painting your space.
  • If you choose to paint a mural or text in this space, it must be repainted to a neutral color.
  • You may paint door but do not remove doors.
  • All 2d materials must be firmly attached to the wall.

What You Can NOT Do:

  • Do not remove tape over door Jab (it’s the part on the door frame).
  • NO bins with loose artwork.
  • Artwork can NOT leave the building until May 7.


  • Don’t forget your name and contact info.  This should be easily visible & legible.
  • Label and price your artwork clearly


All artwork must be deinstalled between May 7 and May 14.

Please refer to the installation rules for more information.