Installation Rules

  • All building material, paint, ladders, wood, metal, sculpture and everything that takes two people to carry MUST come through the loading dock and the freight elevator. ARTOMATIC DOES NOT HAVE LOAD IN HAND TRUCKS ON SITE. Please provide your own when you are loading in for installation.
  • Small artwork and cardboard boxes may come through the parking garage, concourse level and lobby elevators.
  • You may only park in the loading dock long enough to unload your vehicle and vehicles may not be left unattended.
  • Volunteers will watch your materials and art while you find a long term parking space.
  • There is free parking in many parking garages in Crystal City after 4pm and all day Saturday and Sunday.
  • Please choose a space that meets your lighting and electrical needs. Artomatic is not responsible for repairing, or adding additional lighting and electrical to the building.
  • You may add lighting to your space using a maximum of 100 watts total. No loose cords are allowed on the floor— all cords must be secured.
  • Installations that require >100 watts are allowed at the discretion of the Site Operations Team.
  • Multiple extension cords may not be chained together and all cords must be heavy duty, three-prong.
  • Do not paint electrical outlets or switches – application of paint onto live electrical sockets is a code violation and renders use of such sockets unsafe. No electrical sockets that have been painted can be used at any time.
  • For any lighting systems that have 2-prong, ungrounded wires, the system must be plugged into a surge protector that properly grounds it.
  • Any lighting systems that consist of spliced joints must use electrical boxes to ensure safe operation.
  • You may build out or add small furniture as long as it does not block or intrude on traffic areas or other artists spaces. Performance areas may have additional restrictions for use of floor space.
  • All common areas must remain free and clear from clutter and obstructions.
  • You may hang small signage and LIGHT objects (< 2 pounds) from the ceiling grid as long as they do not block or intrude on other artists spaces and are at least 24” from any sprinkler heads. Ceiling tiles must remain down in the grid with no gaps. Please use correct hardware (similar to grid hooks).
  • Do NOT paint the ceiling.
  • Do NOT paint the floor.
  • Don’t alter your wall by cutting, damaging, or drilling large holes.
  • Please do not spray paint in the building.
  • Please take your dirty paint brushes and rollers home to wash. The rest-rooms and kitchens are off limits to paint brushes and rollers. Do NOT use the bathrooms to clean anything other than your hands.
  • Clean up after yourself and respect this building.
  • Respect other artists and their spaces.
  • Please don’t litter or spam artist spaces or common areas with promotional materials.
  • Please remove all your trash. Take it with you. We don’t have trashcans or trash pick-up during installation.
  • No Artomatic tools, hand trucks, carts, ladders or dollies are available for individual use. Please provide your own.
  • Remember that everything you attach to your wall will need to be removed by you when you deinstall.

Most of the doors have functioning locks but the former tenants did not leave behind any keys. Artomatic will be placing duck tape over the door jamb in the door frame. Please do not remove this tape.