Social Media Features

INSTAGRAM: (@artomatic_dc)

My goal is to feature as many artists as I can at least once during show hours. I curate by theme, not floor. Many themes will be repeated but not consecutively. I don’t play favorites or make judgements. Every piece deserves a feature. No exposed genitalia will be featured on the official feed. There will be a ‘political art’ day. There will also be a few “Anything Goes” days.

GLASS IS EVIL: If your work is behind glass (or glossy / reflective), please send me a message here, on Instagram, or on Twitter. I’ll need a good picture of your work to feature it. I don’t want to feature a piece that reflects the artwork on the opposite wall, me, or the lights. I can compensate for 2 of those things (generally) but not all 3 simultaneously.

NO NAME = NO FEATURE. If your name is not clearly marked on your space, I will NOT feature your art.

Installation artists – I tried to take video of your spaces if I could. If not, then I tried to get a wide-shot of your space. Again, if I can’t give credit to anyone, I will NOT post a picture.

Being on Instagram is not required.  I feature the art of Artomatic, not just the art of Artomatic artists who are in Instagram.


Facebook posts will be kept to a minimum.  This ensures as wide a ‘reach’ (views) for our posts as possible when I do post.  The more you post on a Facebook Page, the less reach Facebook allows you to get.  Therefore, I will not be featuring individual artists on Facebook.  I am looking into having curated video content (with multiple artists, not just one) & artist interviews but nothing past that.  Live video streams of events and the daily calendar will be the bulk of what you see on Facebook (& even that is already reducing our reach exponentially).

If you are a band, performer, or teaching a class:  create a Facebook event on your Page & then message the link to me.  I will add your event to our page.  I will not create Facebook events for anyone.

I will remove any “visit my space” comments from our posts.  Promote yourself on your own accounts.  If you persist, I will ban you from the page.

Twitter (@artomatic)

will retweet artists on Twitter if and only if there is a photo visible on Twitter.  I don’t retweet mystery links to Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms.  I do not guarantee that I will retweet your art.  I do not retweet content that contains exposed genitalia. I ignore Twitter accounts that have default profile images (this is a setting in Twitter that I use to filter spam & bot accounts).


Nearly all of our boards are group boards on Pinterest.  This means that you need to message me (through Pinterest’s built-in messaging service) and tell me what boards you want to join.  Once I approve you, the board(s) shows up on your account just like the boards you created and behave the exact same way.  You pin your own work.  This allows you delete or update your pins at any time.  Only pin your own work.  Do not pin other artists, even if they are in the show (they need to join Pinterest & pin their own work!).  If I see pins from artists who are not members, they will be deleted.  You may pin one piece of your art per day per board.  If you have 100 pieces of Abstract Paintings, then it will take you 100 days to pin them all.  If you are a multi-talented artist, join all the boards that fit your work.  Feel free to suggest new boards if your work doesn’t fit the currently available ones.

All pins must be suitable for work (i.e. if your boss saw you browsing the feed at work & saw something you could get fired for, don’t pin it!).  If there are enough requests for “adult content” boards, I will consider creating one. If you try to violate that rule, I will ban your account.

Questions?  Send a message to Artomatic through one of our social media platforms.