Tips for visiting on opening night

Friday, May 18, 2012 - 11:59am

If you've been to previous Artomatics, you've probably already developed a plan of action to enjoy your visits. If not, artist Tammy Vitale has some great advice.

Opening night, she says, is always wall-to-wall people, so she advises skipping the elevator and the long lines and walking upstairs a flight or two (or going straight to her second floor space of mixed media clay sculpture!) and then moseying down after the night is over.

More important, Vitale writes, is

Do not think you will see all of it the first night or in just one day (unless you plan on opening and closing… and, take my advice, about halfway through you are going to be on overload and unable to appreciate everything you see).  Plan several trips — why not come back Saturdays when ArtOMatic is hosting artists’ nights and you have more chances to meet the artists whose work you are going to buy!

To help you plan your visit to Artomatic 2012, check out Vitale’s Facebook gallery of art floor by floor in the Vornado building.