Workshop highlights: Transferring images

Sunday, May 20, 2012 - 8:49pm
Chris Anne Raymond

In addition to more than a thousand art installations, Artomatic features dozens of activities and workshops. See what other workshops are coming up. Here's a report from a workshop held opening night:

Image transfer techniques have become wildly popular recently, for everything from mixed-media and collage art to customizing dinnerware or wearables. The trend is facilitated by the introduction of a wide array of polymers, gels, and craft supplies that make image transfers easy for everyone.

More than a dozen people made their way to the image transfer workshop hosted by Utrecht Friday evening, May 18. They were shown two easy-peasy ways to transfer toner-based images (think photocopies or laser prints).

The first method entailed flipping over a photocopy onto a clean sheet of paper and rubbing a blender marker over the image, then using the other end of the marker to burnish, transferring the toner onto the blank paper.

The second method involved brushing acrylic medium onto the front of the image to be transferred, then placing the image face down onto canvas and allowing it to completely dry on the canvas. A wet sponge is then used to remove the paper and leave the toner behind on the canvas.