Artomatic Takes Flight Artist Interview: Larry Jones

Trans-Brass Express by Larry Jones, on dispaly at Artomatic Takes Flight

Iron Mule by Larry Jones, on display at Brentwood Arts Exchange

Larry Jones’s very first art exhibition was with Artomatic 2012 in Crystal City, Virginia.

Of that experience, he says,  “I was a bag of mixed emotions, especially since that was the first time my work had been seen outside of my family and friends.  I felt privileged to be on display with so many multifaceted and talented artists.  It was an incredible experience!”

Larry sold his first sculpture within 15 minutes  on opening night.  “The feeling was out of this world. It was gratifying as an artist that someone fell so in love with my work that they tracked me down on another floor where I was on duty volunteering that evening.”

After Artomatic 2012, Larry was invited to participate in Artomatic Artists’ Inaugural Ball at O Gallery on H, January 20, 2013 as well as in F. Lennox Campello Selects Artomatic Artists at Pepco Edison Gallery in Chinatown in February 2013.

What made you want to show at Artomatic Takes Flight?

Opportunities to participate in Artomatic events are always very memorable and gratifying as they are linked to my initial introduction into the art world, to my first sell and to subsequent sells.  I have met many wonderful artists and art lovers along the way.  This has truly been a unique and blessing- filled journey.

Participting in ArtoMatic Takes Flight has been no exception.  It was an opportunity to display a sculpture that I had just completed and the venue was very different from Artomatic’s

Bowie Chopper by Larry Jones, 2014

Bowie Chopper by Larry Jones, 2014

norm.  Just think of how many travelers see my art as they move through Washington Reagan National Airport!  That opportunity  alone makes it well worth taking part in this show.

How did you come to making art?

I am not formally trained as an artist, but I have always had a love for art and the creative process.  Growing up I wanted to be an artist, but I was told that being an artist was not a lucrative profession and that I could not make a living from ‘creating art.’

I eventually moved into the construction trade, then into the artistic engineer process.  Here I could let my artistic side shine through and I was able to free the creative side of my brain.

Fast forward:  my young son (at the time) made a little wire figure. When he showed it to me, it reminded me of the one I created long ago.  More importantly, it sparked a renewed desire to create art in various forms such as painting, stained glass making, dabbling in jewelry-making and on to my forte designing and creating abstract steel sculptures.  I was finally free to follow my passion!

Trans Brass Express by Larry Jones, 2014, on display at Artomatic Takes Flight, Reagan National Airport, Washington DC

Trans-Brass Express by Larry Jones, 2014, on display at Artomatic Takes Flight, Reagan National Airport, Washington DC

With the support of my family and friends, I am now following my passion to create art in all forms possible and it is so gratifying to release my creative energies.  I absolutely love the journey that I am currently walking, meeting and getting to know so many new and intriguing people both in and out of the art community, and, finally, working as an art consultant, sharing my love of art with children.   The feeling is quite indescribable.

What is the best advice you can give an aspiring artist?

Follow your dream even if the road is rocky and filled with disappointment, dream-stealers and self-doubt.  Do not let anyone steal your dreams to be an artist or anything else you desire to be or do.  Follow your passion and pursue your own path even if you have to create the past as you travel along it.  The journey will help develop you as a person and an artist.  After all, I believe art is perception waiting to be transformed into reality.

You can see more of Larry’s work here:

Prince George’s Sampler
Brentwood Arts Exchange, Brentwood, Maryland
through December 27, 2014

Additionally, Larry worked as an art instructor to kids from K-12 June through October 2014.  He taught them how to incorporate natural products into art, making abstract sculptures, Native American talking sticks and clay mosaic turtles.  One of his students placed 2nd in the Grade 9 – 12 categories for art.  You can see his students’ artwork, and the art of other instructors here:

Get to Know Your Wild Neighbors Art Exhibition
Prince George’s Sports and Learning Center
Landover, Maryland
through January 1, 2015

You can contact Larry at


Artomatic Takes Flight is open at Reagan National Airport through the end of January.  If you have a piece in this show and are interested in being interviewed, contact Tammy Vitale: