7 Artists Inspired By Science

I recall hearing that saying, “Art Imitates Life”.  Well this post literally exemplifies that same exact saying.  If you are not able to identify with that saying in any examples perhaps it the message has been subliminal.  Life is everywhere but so is art, so I believe that perhaps they are dependent on each other and that is the reason why we want to pay attention to how art is inspired by Biological Science.  Anyways,  apparently many other writers and artists have discovered the literal expression of life through art works by proving it with Science and Biology!

I could go on forever drawing the connection of life and art but perhaps you would want to hear it from a few other artists yourself. The beauty of the world is captured through art and explained in Margaret Wertheim: The beautiful math of coral, The Painter and The Pendulum, JoAnn Kuchera-Morin: Stunning data visualization in the allosphere, Drew Berry: Animation of Unseeable Biology, Lucy McRae: How technology can transform the human body and Doris Kim Sung: Metal that breathes.  Not only are they explained and shown in a series of the Ted Conferences, they are exemplified many of blogs and museums around the world.  Here are seven artist who managed to show how the science of life influenced of their art…

1.  In the Nikon 2014 Photomicrography Competition 2. Petri Portraits by Klari Reis 3. Right Index Finger by Kevin Van Aelst 4. Ballon Bio Art by Willy Chyr

5. Glass Microbiology by Luke Gerram 6. Brainscapes by Laura Jacobson 7.Bone Inspired art by Ailish Sullivan

Originally published at www.cosmicmedium.com.