50 Foods To Improve and Nourish Your Creativity and Stimulate Brain Function


Being creative is a combination of talent, craft and health. As an creative, without one, you can’t function with the other. Good healthy habits enhance the skills you acquire over time and increase your longevity of life. Artist these days are living longer, and people, in general, are living longer in general. So, you must make sure you cognitive health is aligned with your skill in the craft during the golden years. Prepare for life by sewing seeds of healthy eating habits and then reaping the benifits! Consume and enjoy foods that enhance your way of life and thinking.

I have happened to collect and create a list of 50 Foods To Improve and Nourish Your Creativity and Stimulate Brain Function! Improving creativity involves skill building activities as well as a healthy diet. If you can not gain access to most of these foods, there are still a plenty basic items in this list that may still have in your fridge. Some basic items that are on this list are eggs, water, citrus fruits, chicken and greens.

This list is good news if you are vegan because the majority of the things in this list are vegan-friendly! If you’re vegan you can still survive will this list with the exception of chicken and fish. Some of the yummy recipes I plant to test out with these ingredients include a Simple Southwest Salad and a yummy Tomato Braised with Sweet Potato Recipe.  First blogged on CosmicMedium.com

Note: I am not a healthcare professional, therefore, please consult you personal health physician to make sure the items listed are safe for your consumption. I am not responsible for allergies that may be triggered by the ingredients of this list below.