The Pros and Cons Of Being an Artist and Blogger

Blogger & Artist

There are some pros and cons to being and artist and blogger. Being a blogger and an artist is difficult. If you are one, then you know what I mean. You are always in planning mode and lugging around this big old bag of supplies and computing devices. It can be simple and most of the time it starts out simple. I will be honest, I had some poorly written posts and some well-written ones! I learned what people like and what annoyed the heck out of them.

The blogging portion sometimes brought me surprise and sometimes the responses saddened me. To battle that I created a mental mantra sort of like this one. Mantras helped me to add an element of the method to the madness. In the long run, my advice to those who blog and create artwork, is never to give up! The gift is in the journey and not the product! Are you gaining insight on this? If not, then the pros and cons will help. If you are in the same boat, then you will probably delight in these lists.


1. Your free time is limited.
2. We connect to our community
3. Receive feedback
4. Gain customers through blogging
5. Help to inspire creativity for new projects
6. Can gain a little cash on the side through affiliate marketing.
7. Builds confidence and will toughen you up for criticism.


1. Limit your free time.
2. Your free time is all about art and blogging.
3. There is a constant battle between write communication and illustrated communication.
4. We would love to illustrate a picture than explain for SEO.
5. We heartily dislike writing a post without pictures.
6. Would much prefer a picture over words.
7. Is more likely to need an agent.
8. Is always working about their images being stolen (so we watermark the heck out of everything and refuse the size of our images always).
9. Pack too many things (for an example art materials and devices) in their book bags.

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