Guess What? Artomatic is on Instagram!


Follow us on Instagram @artomatic_dc and use the hashtag #artomatic when you post photos of your own artwork in Artomatic or share fun moments during your visits!

Artomatic is a public space and a public event—you can freely take photos of anything you see, but it’s nice to take a moment and fully credit artists and their work if you plan on posting to social media. People and objects can always be photographed in public, with or without consent, as long as you don’t violate a reasonable degree of privacy. When possible, you should ask before you photograph—it’s polite to do so, especially if the artist is standing near his or her work! And you definitely shouldn’t use images of another artist’s work for personal profit without their permission. Ever.

That being said, if someone else’s work is the focal point of a photo you are sharing on social media, be a supporter of the arts and credit their hard work! Most artists should have their names and contact information prominently displayed on their walls to help you out. Give them a shout-out in your captions. Maybe even think about supporting the artists further by contacting them and buying some artwork to take home with you 😉