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Photos – Opening Weekend Highlights

Here are some spooky (and not-so-spooky) sights from opening weekend at Artomatic. Some artists and volunteers really got into the “spirit” of the weekend. If you’re looking for the art of a specific artist and want to plan ahead, you can look in the Artomatic Directory and accompanying maps.

It’s hard to do it justice in photos, but Artomatic is an awe-inspiring experience that must be fully understood in person. The volume and variety of artwork here is absolutely mind-boggling. Enjoy this preview—more photos to come…


Nancy Weisser’s ethereal installation, “On My Way to Heaven.”

Chris Irby (left) and Richard Skobel strike a pose for a special Halloween-themed life modelling session.

Some gutsy artwork by Jenn Consumano, Area 7, #101:

Each floor hold many surprises…

Victoria Thompson, “What Lies Ahead.” Instagram: @studio9201  

Wine-O-Matic, anyone?

Amazing assemblage by Eileen Williams:

Art, a.k.a “Elemental Canyon,” tunes up before a set. You can find his music on Facebook. We have a lot of musical and performing acts this year and are partnered with the Prince Georges County Arts & Humanities Council

Spinebreaker Art, in full Halloween-mode:

Vibrant oil paintings by Enrique Huaiquil:

Some of the art beckons you to participate!

Organizer Wuiping Yap and a volunteer pose for a Halloween photo:








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