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Visiting Areas 4 and 5 on the Third Floor at Artomatic, November 6, 2015

Entering this year’s Artomatic is slightly different than previous ones. At past Artomatics the procedure was that you could walk directly inside the building but if you wanted to order alcohol from any of the bars scattered on various floors, you had to get in a special line where you would be carded then given a special bracelet indicating that you are old enough to legally drink.

This Artomatic is different. You have to show your ID before entering the building regardless of whether you plan on drinking alcohol or not. You were then given a white bracelet letting the bar know that you can legally drink. I was told by a volunteer that this change in protocol is due to a local ordinance requiring this since the bars on different floors all serve alcohol. Here’s a shot showing what this bracelet looks like.

So, in short, if you are planning on visiting Artomatic, don’t leave home without your photo ID.

This trip was my second time at Artomatic but my first time where I could just go as a visitor without serving any volunteer duties. Since I visited the art on the top fourth floor the last time, I decided to focus on the art on the third floor.

I just want to take this time to mention that some of the photos posted in this entry contain nudity so they are definitely NSFW.

I decided to start with Area 5. I was there the last time but that was when I was on volunteer duty and I had to wipe down the chairs on that floor using dampened paper towels that I got from the women’s restroom. While I saw some of the art, I was too focused on finding chairs to wipe to notice much else. This time I was able to look at the art without any kind of major distractions. The following photos are just a small sampling of the various types of art in various media that I found in Area 5.

After spending some time in Area 5, I decided to go on to Area 4, which is notable for having the Artomatic Swag Store, where you can purchase all kinds of Artomatic souvenirs with the proceeds going towards helping Artomatic defray the costs associated with putting on a show like this with free admission for the general public.

There’s more to Area 4 than just the Swag store. Everywhere you go there is art displayed, as these photos show.

The one thing about the fall and the end of Daylight Savings Time is that everything gets dark after 5 p.m. these days. The last photo shows the Artomatic building after dark, where you can see the art through the brightly lit windows.

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