Artist Interview: Cherie M. Redlinger

Who are you and how long have you been an artist?
I Am
I am a child
I am a girl
I am a daughter
I am a sister
I am a wife
I am a mother
I am a friend
I am a neighbor
I am a person
I am a citizen
I am educated
I am an artist
I am a teacher
I am Jewish
I am killed for my religion
I am a scapegoat
This statement I AM came from a Holocaust exhibit my artwork was in. I started to draw on my walls from my crib as a baby. My Mother decided to put butcher paper on the walls. So I could continue to draw and not destroy the walls. That was the start to becoming an Artist.

What medium(s) do you work in & why?
I mainly work in printmaking, oils and acrylics, photography and charcoal. I have created constructions, artist’s books, collages and installations. I have found working in variety of mediums I can choose one that fixes best for how I want express myself and it gives me the freedom to compiled mediums as in the installation at Artomatic.

What is your creative process like?
The process starts from an idea I hatch onto. Then I begin to assembly materials and at times I draw thumbnails to actually see my ideas. When I start working on creating my art the process becomes whole.

What is the best art-related advice you’ve received?
A gallery owner said to me, “Even if you do not sell your artwork keep doing your art.”

What is the biggest challenge you face as an artist?

One year I do not have enough time to do my art. Then the next year when I am finished creating a series … where can I get a gallery to sell my art?

Choose one piece that you currently have on display at Artomatic and tell the story of that piece:

"Ilegal Abortion Mattress" by Cherie M. Redlinger

“Ilegal Abortion Mattress” by Cherie M. Redlinger

Abortions were performed in back alleys before 1973 when abortions became legal. Let’s not go back in history when 40,000 young girls and women died in United States and not counting who were maimed due to botched abortions a year. Keep abortions safe for young girls and women and not hear the last breathes from girls and women in back alleys.


What is your favorite part of the Artomatic experience so far?
There is no judgment on the artwork we exhibit at Artomatic.

What is your website (or other method of contact):

You can see more of Cherie’s work on display at Artomatic 2015 on the fourth floor, space 7-064.