Artist Interview: Maxine Fulkerson Whyte

Who are you and how long have you been an artist?
Welcome to my corner of Artomatic 2015! I am Maxine Fulkerson (Whyte). Although I have engaged in some form of creative expression all my life my current passions are photography and painting. It was only three years earlier, when I joined the artists of Artomatic 2012, that I fully embraced my creativity and acknowledged myself as an artist.

What medium(s) do you work in & why?
When painting I experiment with the various mediums within the acrylic realm. I especially like using molding paste for adding texture and depth within a painting.

Photography is a passion I shared with my dad. I must have been 7 when he taught me how to compose a picture using my mom’s point-and-shoot camera. When I was older he taught me how to read a light meter and work a 35mm SLR. These days, my passion for photography runs deep: the subject matter I seek must be unique, emphasizing alternate angles, textures and colors.

What is your creative process like?
My creative process often begins before the painting is started, without realization or a plan. Many times, my paintings take on their own lives. Mood, as well, contributes to my choice of colors and textures. I find that creativity and mood, combined, bring my works to life in a vision that combines sensuality and feeling.

What is the best art-related advice you’ve received?
My late friend and instructor, Jim Burford, used to tell us “live with it.” When you get to a point that you think you’re finished – or you don’t know what else should be done – you need to step away. Place the painting in a common area within your home, somewhere you will see it on a regular basis. Live with it for a week or two, and within time you will find what needs to change, if anything.

What is the biggest challenge you face as an artist?
Managing my time.

Choose one piece that you currently have on display at Artomatic and tell the story of that piece:

"Chasing Selfies" by Maxine Fulkerson Whyte

“Chasing Selfies” by Maxine Fulkerson Whyte

In the painting, Chasing Selfies, both women are Adele. The red haired woman is Adele as she emerged onto the music scene. The selfie point-of-view demonstrates how fame has transformed her into a glamorized version of herself. Dissecting the evolution of this cultural icon mirrors what we ourselves experience in life. The person we were yesterday may not be the person we are today. Not all changes are on the surface; our core doesn’t necessarily change, but there is an evolution of self. Life experiences change who we are and who we will be.

What is your favorite part of the Artomatic experience so far?
Aside from all the wonderful art, what I value most is the interaction with the other artists. Being part of such a diverse community of artists is truly a pleasure.

What is your website (or other method of contact):
My work can be found on Facebook under “Maxine Fulkerson” at the following URL:


You can see more of Maxine’s work on display at Artomatic 2015 on the third floor, space 5-003.