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The Street Sense Bus Parked Outside Artomatic

When I was on my way to Artomatic on Friday, November 13, I saw this bus parked outside the building that caught my interest. It was well lit and there was music playing.

I later found out that this bus is sponsored by Street Sense, the newspaper that the DC area homeless sell on the streets with half of the money raised going directly to the homeless vendor. (In other words, he/she is really working while earning money.) The bus is there to raise awareness on the plight of the homeless among Artomatic attendees. The general public is invited to use provided art supplies (markers and paint) to write or paint on the sides of the bus. The general public is also invited to tour the inside of the bus, which is made to look like what a homeless person would sleep in.

The Street Sense bus will be parked outside Artomatic every Friday night until December 11.

Kimberly Stark :