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Visiting Area 1 on the First Floor at Artomatic, November 18, 2015

On this trip I visited the one area of Artomatic that I hadn’t visited yet—Area 1, which is located on the first floor.

There are a few interesting facts about getting to Area 1. One is that unlike on the other floors (where they are all divided into two areas), Area 1 has an entire floor to itself. Second, the building is laid out in a way where a person entering through the main doors are automatically on the second floor. One has to take the stairs or the elevator down one level in order to access Area 1 and the first floor.

Like the other areas, Area 1 is a very wide area with art placed everywhere. Some of the photos in this post are definitely not safe for work.

Here are just some of the artworks that one can find in Area 1.

With this visit, I can now say that I have seen all of the art that’s currently on display at Artomatic at least once. Despite that fact, I’ll continue to go to Artomatic until the show ends on December 12 mainly because there’s more to Artomatic than just the art exhibitions from numerous artists. There are also live performances, films, and workshops to check out. Of course I’ll re-visit some of my personal favorite artworks on display while I’m there.

Kimberly Stark :