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The Community Site Painting in Area 6

Micheal McMullin decided to devote his Artomatic space in Area 6 to something called the Community Site Painting where the general public is invited to paint their own work of art on designated canvases and wooden frames. At first things went very well, as these photos taken on November 20 show.

This next photo is my contribution to one of the Community Site Painting canvases. Yes, I painted a devil’s head.

Another artist, Dan Kennedy, worked on some of his own paintings in the same area while people contributed their own paintings to the Community Site Painting.

Several days after I took those photos, I returned to Area 6 to check up on the progress of the Community Site Painting only to find that it had gone out of hand. Too many people had ignored the rule where painting was permitted only on certain canvases and wooden frames and they began to paint directly on the walls.

Despite what the sign said in the previous photograph, the Community Site Painting is currently closed to new paintings as of this writing. You can see the work that had already been accomplished (as well as the unauthorized wall paintings) in Area 6, Space 6-001 (located near the front entrance to Area 6).

Kimberly Stark :