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Performer Interview: Durell Arthur

Durell Arthur, a celebrated African American pop artist is often touted as an eclectic mix of high energy soul and funky hip hop with consistent message of inclusion and love. The New Orleans native, has been thrilling audiences across the US and Europe for the past year while taking his audience to new heights. Arthur, who released his first single “Blow” earlier this year to his Fans delight, was excited to share that this single was the first installment in his upcoming Album “Sights and Sounds: Volume I” slated for release early Summer 2015. Arthur, who is also an emerging Fashion Designer and a radio show host, is an avid believer in the freedom of artistic expression, writes and arranges his music with one purpose in mind…to change lives and remove the barriers that too often divides us. The, 28 year old artist, can be found creating his incredible brand of musical expression most days in Harlem New York as his collaborates with numerous emerging artists from various genres. Durell Arthur is a powerhouse to watch as he takes us a thrilling musical journey n the coming years.

Durell Arthur

Describe what you will be doing:
The Durell Arthur experience uses vocals, instruments. dance, and fashion to create an audio-visual presentation that brings my audience inside of my mind.

What is your favorite part of the Artomatic experience so far? If this is your first AOM, then what was your best performance & why?
My best performance is all of my performances. Each one of my performances has allowed me to connect with my audience and has allowed me to grow as a musician and an artist.

Durell Arthur

Durell Arthur will be showcasing his music on December 5. 2014 at 9:20PM, as a part of “Saturday Nights @ Artomatic With Rayceen Pendarvis and Curt Mariah”

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