Performer Interview: Carsten Kranzer

Carsten Kranzer

Carsten Kranzer

My name is Carsten Kranzer originally from Montreal, Quebec but did many years of my schooling in the DC area. After finishing music school in Boston I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area which is where I’m still based today. Since debuting my first solo album, Sideways Blink, I’ve been seen on stages throughout the Bay Area as well as popular LA hot spots like Hotel Cafe. Filmmakers and fans may know me from the 2014 and 2015 Sundance Film Festival weeks, where I played several venues throughout Park City and performed and was interviewed live on Park City Television. And most recently I’ve been touring the east coast including a stop at Artomatic!

My music is reminiscent of all the styles and genres that have inspired me throughout my life. Quite varied, they range from eerie ethereal ballads to hard driving, rhythmic, groove inspired tunes.

What is your favorite part of the Artomatic experience so far?
The people I’ve met have been my most favorite part of Artomatic. Yes Artomatic is an amazing undertaking, showcasing and celebrating artists of all kinds in a big way. But the more I play music, the more I love how art just brings people together. The good will I’ve shared with others being a musician is priceless and profound. Artomatic facilitates this and I love it!

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