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Artomatic on Saturday, December 5, 2015

I went to Artomatic early on a Saturday morning because my film, Saving the Enchanted Forest, was scheduled to be shown for the second time at 11 a.m. I arrived early before the building had even opened its doors to the general public (I didn’t realize when I scheduled my film that the building doesn’t open on weekends until 11 so I unwittingly selected my film to be shown when the doors opened.) When I went inside I saw that one of the elevators were out of service.

So that basically left Artomatic with only one working elevator that Saturday morning. I managed to get my film set up for showing with the help of one of the volunteers who were on duty. Two people showed up that morning and they were both women who had visited the old Enchanted Forest theme park in Ellicott City as children. One of them had even brought her old picture album with fading photographs of her family’s trip to the Enchanted Forest, which was a really neat thing to see. Since the Artomatic building didn’t open until the film’s scheduled showtime, I decided to wait a few minutes before beginning the movie. My movie has a runtime of only 24 minutes and the volunteer who helped me with getting the film set up told me that not only did have the whole hour devoted to my film but the Film room was even open at noon with no other films scheduled so I could theoretically run my film during the 12-1 p.m. slot as well. So I started my film about five or ten after 11 and I took this photo of my film showing in progress.

Both women present said they enjoyed seeing my film, which was cool. Someone had configured the DVD player to begin playing again from the beginning once the film reached the end (so my film was on a loop) so I decided to just let it play while I check out the Holiday Market located in Area 1.

Those who are currently Visual Artists at Artomatic were invited to take part in the Holiday Market where they sold their handcrafted wares to the general public.

I stayed in the Holiday Market until it was time for me to leave Artomatic. (I was committed to helping out with promoting the recently reopened Greenbelt Theater at the annual Greenbelt Festival of Lights Craft Show in the early afternoon plus I also had two additional open houses scheduled for that day.) I went back up to the Film room around noon and saw that not only had the DVD player looped my film back to the beginning but some people were watching in the Film room. I decided to leave my disk there to play on a continuous loop until the next scheduled filmmaker pops it out of the player. I wasn’t able to retrieve it the following day because I had a few other things scheduled that day. I’ll probably return to the building sometime on Wednesday (when the building opens again since it’s closed on Mondays and Tuesdays) and retrieve the disk.

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