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The Night Before the Last Day of Artomatic, December 11, 2015

Artomatic is quickly winding down but things are still hopping up until the final night.

The Community Site Painting, located on the fourth floor in Area 6, Micheal McMullin’s section 6-001 (near the entrance to Area 6) is now back up and running after people went a little overboard by painting the wall in addition to the designated canvases. Here is what the area looks like.

Basically Micheal McMullin painted the wall black in his space, thus obliterating all of the unauthorized paintings that were made directly on the wall. Once again people began to contribute to the Community Site Painting on the designated canvas.

Here is my contribution to the newest Community Site Painting canvas—a Christmas tree.

Dan Kennedy was putting the finishing touches on his latest painting next to the Community Site Painting.

Meanwhile a deejay was spinning tunes in Area 6.

There was also an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest that took place in Area 1.

Only two people chose to enter the contest. The organizers behind that contest decided to declare both contestants the winner and give them a prize bag full of swag.

I even shot a short video of the night’s festivities so you’ll get an idea of what it’s like.

Kimberly Stark :