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  • (visual artist)

    The inspiration for my work comes from a line of storytellers, family, and history. The multi-layered narratives are weaved together by a combination of mixed-media and collage. Influenced by bold colors and collections of old photos, letters, various printed and found papers, I create a body of work that speaks to the layers that make-up the lives of people.
    Ernestine Lorraine (Tina...

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    (visual artist)
    "Landscape Photography"

    I seek beauty and grace.

    I portray what is peaceful, pleasant and enjoyable.

    There is too much ugliness in the world, I do not feel a need to document it.

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    (visual artist)

    In photography, we often are chasing the light, the unseen and the unique. In the three categories of People, Places and Things, my emphasis was on the light and the uniqueness of the scene and what it may mean to people viewing it...

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    (visual artist)

    Art is a source of energy that constantly flows. I’m self taught and from an early age I started drawing, painting, playing with color and experimenting with my creativity.
    This year I am presenting an eclectic collection of abstract and silk paintings as well as my own jewelry designs. My work honors nature, my Latin American Indian roots, and especially my strong family values.

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    (visual artist)
    "Interdisciplinary Artist"

    Edmond van der Bijl, akamundo, is a globe-trotting interdisciplinary artist and designer.

    In sculpture, the “common” or “everyday” object (or unit) is reconfigured into a new object. The associations one might have of the unit on its own are challenged by the resulting form. The “new” object not only puts into question its original functionality but also proposes a new one: an object of...

  • (visual artist)

    Photographer who loves sharing everything he knows about anything.

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    "Jungle / Drum & Bass DJ"

    DJ Name: Edward The Librarian

    Primary DJ for Studio 312a "The Annex"

    Rusty Junglist Show:
    Ragga Jungle, Old School Jungle, Jump-up DnB

    Virginia Junglist, who is looking to promote positive minds in these hard time.

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    (visual artist)
    "photography painting"

    Artomatic is a nonprofit organisation which takes abandon buildings and fills it with art and artisits for a month! Artists are not charged gallery commission.

    artomatic’s generosity inspires generosity
    20% of my artomatic sales go to Emergency USA

    Emergency USA is a 501(c)3 which builds surgical facilities in war zones

    Learn more at

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    (visual artist)

    I've been busier than usual lately, traveling a bit.

    As the deadline for hanging work at Artomatic approached I was busy with another project, but managed to paint my wall, print, frame and hang this new work. These photographs revisit many favorite subjects.

    I've exhibited in all but one of the Artomatics, starting with the very first one.

    The wall I selected is...

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    New York-bred Olson is an award winning fine artist whose work has been exhibited and sold nationally and internationally. She recently had a major art exhibit in Manhattan, NYC in March 2011 with The Artist Project-NY. Eileen studied at the Brooklyn Museum of Art as a young adult and most recently at the Corcoran School of Art. She maintains a studio at the Workhouse Arts Center in...