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    (visual artist)

    artist's statement? look up there on the wall and down in the box, dummy.

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    (visual artist)
    "Artists Without Borders"

    Fareeha Khawaja is a visual artist, photographer and the founder of Artists Without Border’s Washington, DC chapter. She volunteers and teaches art in Southeast Asia, Central America and in the U.S. with multicultural, distressed communities in shelters, rehabilitation centers, refugee camps and in war-torn countries where creativity is often forgotten. Her passion is to help distressed...

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    (visual artist)

    I've been painting on and off since I was 8 years old, and am proud to say I've been in every ArtOMatic since 2000!!! (yay)!

    My work is mostly about color and vibrancy and I convey these on my canvases by intimately tapping into my other senses. I believe, for example that music and colors are closely related, and I often like to listen to pieces with complex jazz rhythms, Sufi hymns...

  • (visual artist)

    This is a collection of self portraits printed on acrylic media

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    "Flamenco dance show with live guitar and singer"

    Coming from a family musicians and visual artists, Michael Pérez aka Miguelito went on to major in classical guitar performance at California State University, Fullerton. A year before graduating, he stumbled upon a flamenco party and fell instantly in love with the art form.

    Literally the day after he received his Bachelor of Music Degree, Miguelito got on a plane and headed to...

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    "Bluesy Pop Americana"

    Hi! I'm a DC based singer/songwriter who plays all over the area. I'll be at Artomatic on the Cherry Blast Stage for opening night from 10:30-11:15. I'll also be at the Mansion at Strathmore with my full band on May 30th. I'll have CDs at Artomatic and would love to give you info about Strathmore as well so please come by for a listen and say hello!

  • (visual artist)
    "Computer Virus Sculptures #7: AdenoCD Virus"

    The idea for the Computer Virus sculpture series grew from fertile ground that had two critical ingredients: first, the early sculptures in the 30 Computers series were based on polyhedrons and second, they were given anthropomorphic names: Bones, Skin and Digital Womb. While trying to develop ideas of what to do with the remaining computer parts I began to search for other biological images....

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    (visual artist)
    "Exploring words, painting, and decollage through collaboration and deconstruction"

    Two hands brought painting and visual arts. The other pair brought poetry and a love of language. Together-four hands-four hands on-worked to explore the intersection of paint, paper, and words. The results are a little like the children's game Rock Paper and Scissors-there's layering, cutting and destruction. And, of course, hands.

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    (visual artist)
    "Voyage Project"

    A Participatory / Living Art Project.

    The questions:

    Who are we?
    Why are we here?
    What happens to us after we die?

    I leave to religion and the philosophers to answer.

    I am more interested in, where do we travel in our lives and who do we meet along the way?

    My Voyage Project creates unexpected encounters between people and art, then invites the...

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    I’m a fine art printmaker, photographer, and writer living in the Washington, DC area.

    My artistic inspirations are rooted in wanderlust and the discoveries, revelations, and memories I gather along the way. The despair of urban decay, the beauty of nature, the magnificence and power of architecture and history — all are subjects to which I am drawn, time and again.

    My travels...