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    H. Paul Moon is a filmmaker, composer and video artist. Through his production company Zen Violence Films, he profiles performing and visual artists who span boundaries from classical arts to new media technologies. He also creates experimental films in the tradition of wordless environmental cinema ranging from city symphonies to "Koyaanisqatsi."

    Moon's debut film "El Toro"—an...

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    (visual artist)

    I am a 30 something artist who has never showed her work until now.

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    (visual artist)
    "Visual Artist"

    I make creatures out of a variety of materials, including sculpey and socks. I make custom creatures upon request or, if left to my own devices, many many trees. Some of my drawings stem from my work being an art teacher to tiny people: I try to research strange and striking animals they might not have heard of, and we use careful observation to notice and reflect back how beautiful and...

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    (visual artist)
    "Hands That Dance - Rare Art Rich in Tradition"

    The backwaters and the evening sky, village fairs and festivals, boat races, huts and hamlets, hills and valleys... all the spellbinding sights of villages of Southern India are captured and given life in the straw art. This peculiar art of cutting and pasting individual pieces of straw (dried leaves of the rice plant) one at a time on cloth or canvas to create images is called vaikkol...

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    Hassani Kwess is a multi-talented artist/producer hailing from District Heights, Maryland. His rhetoric urges you to listen while the content of his songs combines influences of previous generations of hip-hop while infusing thepresent to paint pictures of a world connected. His decision to journey into the music industry was influenced by the musical styling of artist such as A TribeCalled...

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    "Folk-pop, uke-wielding singer-songwriter, Heather Mae, will break your heart while you tap your toes."

    Focus on Heather Mae's lyrics and you will sense her honesty in each line. Whether about lost love, wanting to change the world, or a secret love affair, she writes from a place of truth; but not for herself, for her listeners. The best feeling is hearing from a fan that her music helped get them through a tough time. She remembers listening to Jewel's "You Were Meant for Me" for the first...

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    (visual artist)

    I create art because I enjoy it and I hope my works inspire others to create as well. I strive to keep my work affordable so that nearly anyone can purchase. I believe art should be accessible both in price and aesthetic quality. My work is quirky and I certainly have limited myself in terms of mediums or themes. Experimentation is part of the enjoyment for me. I do hold a BFA in Digital...

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    (visual artist)
    "Vibrant, energizing acrylic on canvas"

    Heather Russell turns ordinary moments into the extraordinary. Her paintings are inspired by the subtle changes of the seasons, temperature and light. With bold compositions, unique strokes, and a personal collection of colors, she expresses the universal rhythms of everyday life and her love of it. She has an uncanny ability to take emotions, thoughts, and feelings and turn them into...

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    (visual artist)

    Heidi Lee - A visual representation of fun and positivity.

    My work is earthy, tribal, bold, colorful and fun. I’m inspired by cool shapes and the corresponding relationship to space. I feel compelled to produce this art and like to think that I’m channeling the art of my ancestors in today’s world.

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    (visual artist)
    "Visual Artist"

    The Journey.
    Everyone has a story to tell. A history uniquely their own. A life of passion and dedication, family and friends.
    These works represent a story 20 years in the making. The goal is to expand the story as I continue on my life journey.