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    (visual artist)
    "Jazz vision,“ Jazz can be a blank canvas full of possibilities.” Barbara Januszkiewicz"

    Like other period visual artists who travel to Paris for renewal, Januszkiewicz found inspiration during the summer she spent in Paris reconnecting with her passion for jazz music and seeing her art in musical terms. In her latest works she captures movement and expression with optical illusions and bright hues. Her series of musical notations is based on jazz elements with a geometric and...

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    (visual artist)

    Statement of Work:
    I want to make the world a better place but I do not know how. So I take pictures as I travel and offer them as gifts. I hope that when people look at them they feel good and from this more goodness in the world will follow.

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    (visual artist)
    "Doodles Inspired by Science with Illustrations by Ginny"

    I doodle. I have an academic background in marine science and draw my inspiration from the diversity of marine life and their elaborate shapes and designs. I do love doodling plankton. Recently, I've begun to extend my appreciation for science and nature into doodles focusing on wildflowers. I haven't been able to resist creating my own renditions of the complex mystery of the natural world....

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    (visual artist)
    "Doodles Inspired by Science"

    I doodle. With a background in marine science, I draw my inspiration from the diversity and design of life in the world's oceans. I do love doodling plankton, jellyfish, the rocky intertidal, and sea turtles. More recently, I have been in awe of flowers, both wild and meticulously groomed. Like marine life, they are each complex and meaningfully shaped and patterned. Most of my illustrations...

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    "Inara Sunset"

    Ron Sanchez - guitar/vocals
    Sylvie Song - glock/keyboards/vocals
    Franco Salvoza - drums
    Lawrence Liu - guest bassist, on loan from Saffron Holiday
    Gloria Chan - guest glock/vocals (filling in for Sylvie for this performance)

    Burned out from film while living in Los Angeles, Ron was asked by his roommate's sister to pick up his guitar which was gathering dust and...

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    (visual artist)

    Dr. Sarah Noble is a planetary geologist who studies lunar soil as her day job. This passion for the wonders of the Solar System has a tendency to bleed over into her artistic life. In her paintings Sarah tries to convey the joy and wonder of space exploration and the stark beauty of these alien landscapes. This is her second time at Artomatic.

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    (visual artist)
    "Techno cubism."

    Isaac Otto Lange was born in 1977 in Virginia and almost immediately began creating art. He has absorbed rural and urban life experiences in West Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, and Rhode Island, which are reflected in his work. Educated at R.I.S.D., Isaac enjoys working in acrylics on a variety of surfaces including wood block, masonite, and canvas.

    Most recently, Isaac's work was on display...

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    "Hip hop with rock & electronic elements"

    My art is inspired by the meeting point of hip-hop, intellect, love, and the surreal. Somewhere in space, those things all intersect and that’s where I go when I create. It’s a far away place that I can get to faster than regular people. So I come back and give it to you and that’s why some people think its “weird” or “out there”. When you see a star in the sky, its light years away. That...

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    (visual artist)

    Ishmail received his formal art education at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. While at Lamar, he won 1st place in the Alternative Art competition, 3rd place in the annual national Dishman art competition, and received the President’s Choice Award at the Black Arts Alliance art competition. His artwork, mostly figure drawings and portraits, could be found throughout the campus. It was...

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    (visual artist)
    "low brow art (I guess)"

    ...bla bla bla...