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    (visual artist)
    "J.D. Shanley (aka Jessica Grablewski) - Painter/Sculptor/Mixed Media Artist"

    I am a creator of small polymer clay sculptures, acrylic paintings, charcoal/marker drawings and mixed media works.

    Art has always been and always will be an important part of my life. You could say I developed an over-active imagination as a child that just hasn't ceased to exist! The 'little artist' in me grew up, but she never grew out of her imagination. Originally from New...

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    (visual artist)
    "Folk Art Portraits of Mississippi Blues Artists: Second Floor"

    J.L. Hussey is a marketing and fundraising executive by day and a folk/outsider artist by night. His art pays homage to the blues artists of his native Mississippi. His creative process is the reverse of most artists … he starts with the frames, which are found in thrift stores or constructed from salvaged architectural elements. The items used to decorate his frames and paintings are found...

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    (visual artist)
    "Traditional art with a few twists"

    I'm a 17 yr old cellist and doodler.
    I make art when I'm bored or inspired, and I never try to make it too serious.
    Just random stuff in my head that I draw out wherever.

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    (visual artist)

    ((Find my work on the 9th Floor, near the dance floor))

    My practice includes mixed media sculpture, painting and installation. My 3D works tend to be theme-based. The most recent series, "protect. nurture. release." focuses on the intense mother-child relationship and the joy and loss of transitions. In my abstract paintings I coax transparent forms, implied lines, textures and...

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    (visual artist)
    "ink & watercolor painting"

    In a charming blending of strokes, Genevieve Lynn infuses a modern flair into the time-honored culture of Chinese brush painting. With expressive use of color and design, she captures the essence of graceful moments in life. Simplicity is found in organic forms, bringing harmony. At the start of the painting process, Lynn grinds an ink stick on an ink stone in a circular motion. This creates a...

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    (visual artist)
    "the ladder and the wheel"

    two conceptions of progress - linear versus upwardly circular

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    (visual artist)

    My primary aim is to trust each idea as it works its way through its organic process. Moving from the ethereal to its final form, Being Beauty and Truth.

    Each piece is a totem for self-discovery. Reflecting the social political unconsciousness of Being. Each totem is born to stimulate a dialectic dialog that moves the collective social unconsciousness towards a higher level of social...

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    "Urban Gospel Artist"

    Urban Gospel Artist, Chicago native and current D.C. area resident (Virginia). His 3rd CD Set Free is an eclectic mix of Urban Gospel music suited to soothe the soul of the hurting or lost.

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    (visual artist)

    When I begin a painting, I’m usually drawn to basic, simple forms; eggs, paper, trees, buildings. I look to paint objects and landscapes that are non-specific and have a quality of anonymity to them. Elements are often reduced to the most essential and details are sometimes eliminated. My paintings are not literal recordings of nature or the world around me; these works are private meditations...

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    (visual artist)

    I have been a painter and photographer for over 40 years. I often merge digital elements into my mixed media work as part of the product or the process. I expect that digital work will more frequently be a part of my art making in the future, though I will always return home to non-objective, spiritually based, purely plastic, mixed media painting, which is the core of my creative being. I...