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    (visual artist)
    "Video and Photography work relating to ideas of orientalism and gender "

    Based in Boston, Nabeela Vega currently attends the School of the Museum of Fine Arts where her work focuses on the relationships between symbol and archetype. In exploration of her own experience as a Muslim Refusenik, her works speak to the relationship of Islam to both herself as well as to the contemporary social politics. Within this frame, she seeks to create a semiotic discourse between...

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    (visual artist)
    "Nabila Isa-Odidi ~ Little Treasures"

    Nabila Isa-Odidi is an attorney and artist based in Washington, D.C. Born in Kano, Nigeria, Nabila speaks fluent Hausa, and has lived in various countries including England, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Canada.

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    (visual artist)
    "NadiaJArt ** Abstract Visions **"

    Having grown up in the mountains of Western MD, I've always kept a piece of that solitude and beauty with me as a source for inspiration in whatever I do, and wherever I live. Trained as an architect, and an artist my whole life, my paintings and creative work attempt to combine a history of layers that capture nuance, narrative and nostalgia through the combination of color, texture and form...

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    (visual artist)
    "Representational statement art"
    In my current work, with Paper Dolls as a graphic icon, I explore themes of women and aging, conformity, and consumerism. Humor or autobiography often seeps in. Formerly I was a graphic designer and art director, so communication of an “idea” or “meaning” remains part of my process. I also do figurative drawings and paintings purely for “art’s sake,” but those works often have a narrative twist.
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    (visual artist)

    My ideas about what I’m doing in art have shifted over time.

    What matters to me now is making a connection - striking a memory, a thought, a feeling. I try to leave room for mystery and the viewer’s imagination and memory. I’m hoping that you will find in my work something about your life, our world.

    As a child, I was fascinated by nature and art. Then I got distracted and did a...

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    (visual artist)
    "Bright Expressions of Color"

    Nancy Carolina Flores was born in San Salvador, El Salvador in 1983. At the young age of 3, she immigrated to the United States and lived in New York City for a short time. After leaving the city behind, she relocated to Maryland where she went on to attend the University of Maryland and received her Bachelors of Art in Art Studio in 2006. While at the University of Maryland, she also studied...

  • (visual artist)
    "Acrylic Realist Painter"

    I am a self-taught artist who paints with acrylics on canvas in the realistic and photorealistic styles. I spent 24 years in the Air Force and started painting after September 11, 2001 in an effort to relax and focus on something other than the chaos going on in the world. When I retired in 2005, painting had become my passion. I love to try capture a moment, a scene, or an image...

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    (visual artist)
    "Nataliya Andreyeva"

    You are viewing the artwork of Natalia Andreyeva; she is a self-taught artist who has a passion for oils and is currently expanding into mixed media.

    This Artomatic presentation showcases a series of digital collages and mixed media devoted to Washington and the evolution of DC Metro, a rail system that connects thousands of people daily. The DC Metro Series brings together the images...

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    (visual artist)

    Natasha captures what is in her sphere of influence.

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    (visual artist)
    "Aeren Waters, Revolution by Design"

    Hello, I am Aeren Waters. Taking the mundane of "GARB-ATION" (I define this as the state of what you wear) to another level. My pieces are made with the intent to bring a smile to your face, and a pop to your wardrobe. I enjoy the looks and words of satisfaction from those who wear my pieces. I like to create things that can whisper, but speak volumes. I like mixing fabrics, colors, and...