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    (visual artist)

    My work centers on connections, interactions, and relationships between figures, objects and environments. My figurative themes are often based in public places—city streets, office/studio spaces, museums, airports, train stations. Reflection, repetition and pattern are other recurring elements of my work. I am intrigued by the infinite worlds that reflective surfaces uncover. Shiny...

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    (visual artist)

    I like to play with visual expectations and to create controversy or bizarre associations. Intimacy, bizarre, ludic and irony are essential tools in my working process; they serve as a communicative function of sharpening or highlighting certain discordant features of reality. I believe that art can help us understand better who we are or how we operate in this world.

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    (visual artist)

    I love photography and everything about it; the science, the art, the history, and the people. I am happiest when I am behind a camera.

  • (visual artist)
    "Primal Reckoning"

    From an early age, artistry allowed me to mediate distress, celebrate love, and shape meaning. I gained control over destabilizing experiences through creative expression—dance, voice, theatre, poetry, and later drawing and collage. Artistic expression served as a release from isolation and lent concreteness to ideas, emotions, and attitudes, embodying what perceptions would otherwise be a...

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    "Free Improv"

    A Washington DC based project designed to explore freedom and possibility in three voices, contextualized by cultural disharmony. The limitations of a trio are quickly dissolved by their use of looping devices which create infinite possibilities in sound and form.

    Scott Forrey - trumpets, loops, effects
    Gary Rouzer - bass, cello, objects
    Marshall Hughey - drums, percussion...

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    (visual artist)

    Veronica Szalus currently produces site-specific installations that reflect the influence of her study in industrial design and focus on creating environmental pieces that explore the phenomenon of physical and metaphysical transition.Exploring the physical elements of form and space intersecting with light and with time, Veronica creates a means and expression for the transition from one...

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    (visual artist)
  • vicrumpuri's profile picture
    (visual artist)

    I don't feel comfortable calling myself a photographer, but I enjoy taking photos and hope you enjoy the installation. Most of my favorite shots were taken in the DC area and in New York City. I use 35mm film and do not use digital photography or editing, filtering, cropping, or any funky parlor tricks. What you see is what I saw.

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    (visual artist)

    I was born and raised beneath the neon lights of Route 66, in Albuquerque, NM. These colors, these shapes, these glows in these combinations make me feel right at home, where ever I am.

    Side-by-side with wife Christine's lotus photography, the contrast of day|night, nature|manufacture, hers|his blends in Lotus|Light.

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    (visual artist)
    "Street Portraits"

    I'm a D.C.-area photographer and web designer. I photograph everyday life in D.C., plus the events that make D.C. unique - the festivals, demonstrations and protests, and other only-in-D.C. I also create websites, combining my photographer's eye with strong technical expertise (and specializing in WordPress sites).