Deinstallation Information

IMPORTANT Deinstallation Information


Artomatic 2012 is drawing to a close and deinstallation has started.  First, we want to thank you for your participation and support — Artomatic would not happen without you, and you have helped make this year’s event successful!  Second, we wanted to share some key information about deinstallation of your art.
Deinstallation Requirements for Artists at 1851 S. Bell St., Arlington VA

IMPORTANT:  All artwork must be picked up between Sunday June 24th and Sunday July 1st. We will not have access to the building after July 1st and cannot store artists’ work.  Works not picked up by July 1st will be removed and will not be retrievable.
 You will need to fill out the Artomatic 2012 Participant Survey BEFORE you come to deinstall your art.
Please complete the Participant Survey prior to deinstallation and print out and bring the last page of the survey (the “Thank You” page) with you. If you do not complete the Survey you will need to do this during deinstallation.  Please note that we have a limited number of computers for surveys so we strongly recommend completing the Survey prior to deinstalling your work.

Deinstallation Dates: Sunday, June 24 - Sunday, July 1.
Hours: Noon - 10 pm every day

Please make sure to allow extra time for sign-in and sign-out procedures, which have been designed to control access to the facilities for the protection of artists, volunteers, and the art during the deinstallation period. Doors lock each night at 9:45 pm so please arrive prior to that as we close the building promptly at 10 pm.
You are required to show photo ID to enter the building and any  helpers you bring are also required to show photo ID.
Children will not require valid photo identification but will be required to adhere to all floor access rules.
No dogs, with the exception of service dogs, will be allowed in the building.

You do not need to repaint your space or remove vinyl lettering, nails or screws from the walls.
You MUST remove any materials you brought in to the building, including cords, power strips, lights, and any materials used in your space, including any trash you generate while deinstalling.
You must sign out with the floor manager on duty when you are finished deinstalling your work.
The artist, or their officially designated proxy, must remove all of the artwork themselves. Artists cannot complete purchase transactions on-site. Artists may meet buyers out in the courtyard in front of the building.


Materials that have the potential to damage the main elevators or the lobby must exit via the freight elevator.

If you need to clean any materials that have paint or clay on them, you must use the utility sinks, located on every floor next to the freight elevator with the exception of the 1st floor – that sink is located near the men’s restroom.

If an artist is unavailable to remove their own work, they may designate a proxy. To do this, the artist must email with the full name of their proxy ASAP. The proxy must bring photo ID and follow all of the rules.