Volunteer – Join a Team

Be a part of Artomatic – join a team! Everything you experience at Artomatic is the work of dedicated volunteers. From building the performance platforms to coordinating with reporters, everything you see, and much of what you don’t see, is the work of people who get involved and dedicate time and effort. If you have time to help us organize or a talent you’d like to share, let us know. We need people with a range of skills, including marketing, media, event planning and just plain organization.

We couldn’t put on this huge event without you!

First, join our mailing list – this is the first place we will put out calls for volunteers. Same goes for Facebook and Twitter! If you’re connected with us, you’ll be in the right place when we need your help or participation!

Volunteer Team Opportunities:

Leadership Team

The overall management of Artomatic is handled by the Leadership Team. This is made up of the Event Director, Deputy Director, key volunteers, plus the leaders of the following Teams:

  •     Marketing
  •     Site and Operations Management (Site Ops)
  •     Performing Arts (PA)
  •     Arts Programs and Resources (APR)
  •     Staffing and Volunteer Management (SVM)

The Event Director and Deputy Director are in charge of the overall direction and management of Artomatic. The Event Directors  share the overall event leadership. They meet with Team leaders regularly before, during and after the event, and participate in monthly meetings of the Board of Directors.Their responsibilities include:

  • Overall event planning
  • Recruitment of team leaders and members
  • Assignment of tasks to teams
  • Financial management (within approved budget)
  • Oversight and coordination of Teams
Marketing Team

The Artomatic Marketing Team develops, coordinates, and implements branding, marketing and promotion of Artomatic. The Team works to ensure that relationships with participants, the community, and funding supporters are optimized.Artomatic Marketing Team responsibilities include Artomatic’s marketing, public relations and advertising.

The Marketing Team is looking for people to help in these areas:

  •     Graphic Design Coordinator
  •     Photo/Video Production Coordinator
  •     Website Coordinator
  •     Social Media Coordinator
  •     Email Editor
  •     Street Team Organizer
  •     Marketing Research + Analysis Coordinator

Public Relations

  •     Public Relations Coordinator
  •     Press Coordinator


  • Advertising Coordinator
  • Merchandise Coordinator
  • On-site Advertising + Information Coordinator

Email marketing@artomatic.org to reach the team leaders or if you are interested in volunteering on this team.

Site and Operations Management (Site Ops)

The Site and Operations Management Team (Site Ops) plans, oversees, and executes site and event operations. The Site Ops Team allocates and manages space and physical assets for Artomatic Teams and participating artists. The Site Ops Team also builds on the resources required to sustain operations during and between events.

The Site Ops Team is looking for volunteers to help with:

⁃    Site Assessment and layout planning
⁃    Regulatory requirements
⁃    Space allocation
⁃    Artist Site Selection
⁃    Wayfinding/signage (in coordination with the Marketing Team)
⁃    Electrical plan
⁃    Materials and Supplies
⁃    Construction
⁃    Computer Resources
⁃    Safety and Security
⁃    Office and storage setup and maintenance
⁃    Vendor relations
⁃    Performance Spaces/Stages – Design and Construction
⁃    Review and Approval of Artists Spaces for compliance with event rules and guidelines
⁃    Participant communications (event guidelines, updates)
Email siteops@artomatic.org to reach the leaders of the Site Ops Team.

Performing Arts Team (PA)

The Performing Arts Team (PA) is responsible for developing and delivering a large and varied slate of performances, including music, dance, poetry, theater and film during Artomatic, and for coordinating performing-arts-related programming, such as performance workshops. The Team members collaborate with the Marketing, Site Ops, ARP andSVM Teams as well as with outside organizations to schedule, market, plan, prepare, manage, and follow up on performances and performing arts related events.

PA is looking for volunteers in the following areas:

Genre managers for:
⁃    Live music (both acoustic and electric music)
⁃    Dance
⁃    Theatre
⁃    Poetry and spoken word
⁃    Comedy
⁃    Cabaret / Burlesque (if we find a sub-chair & more interest for this)
⁃    Fire/burners
⁃    DJ
⁃    Special Events (i.e. fashion show, theme nights)

As well as:
⁃    Stage Managers
⁃    Stage Technicians
⁃    Marketing Liaison
⁃    General Volunteers
Email perform@artomatic.org to volunteer on this team.

Arts Programs and Resources Team (APR)

The Arts Programs & Resources Team (APR) is responsible for educational programs (for artists and non-artists, adults and children), resources for artists, and special events and exhibits during Artomatic. The Team members collaborate with the EPM, SVM, and PA Teams as well as with outside organizations to schedule, market, plan, prepare, manage, and follow up on all programs, events, and special exhibits.

APR will be looking for people to help in the following roles:

⁃    Adult workshop coordinator
⁃    Children’s program coordinator(s)
⁃    Children’s program assistants
⁃    APR marketing liaison
⁃    Artist social leader
⁃    Marketplace manager
⁃    Peeps wrangler
⁃    Interactive exhibits Guru
⁃    Tour manager/scheduler
⁃    Tour guides
⁃    Arts Resource Center (ARC) manager
⁃    ARC staff
Email programs@artomatic.org to reach the team leaders or if you are interested in volunteering on this team.

Staffing and Volunteer Management Team (SVM)

The Staffing and Volunteer Management Team (SVM) is responsible for:
•    Volunteer recruitment for all teams and event
•    Management of artist participant staff
•    Oversight of staffing throughout event
•    Bar management and licenses,
•    Training of shift managers
•    Registration and orientation (in coordination with Site Ops)

SVM is looking for volunteers to act as:

⁃    Bar Coordinator
⁃    Bar Managers
⁃    Gallery Managers
⁃    Orientation Managers

Email volunteer@artomatic.org to join this team.