Meet the Artomatic App!

The Artomatic App helps you navigate the awesome Artomatic shows by making it easy to find artists, events, and other useful information.

This iPhone app allows you to find artists, view the map of each floor, find Artomatic events, and donate to Artomatic.

Artist Directory


The Artist Directory allows you to find artists by name or space number. The directory contains additional information about the artist, such as website, social media contacts, a short bio, and a link to a map of the artist’s location


The  artist’s location is represented by a red dot on the map



The app shows Artomatic’s events calendar as it appears on the website. You can browse all the posted events as if you were on the Artomatic website!



The app shows the maps of all the floors. You can switch between the floors using the toggle switch at the top of the screen, or you can swipe to move from one floor to the next. You can zoom in and pan the maps for better readability.




The app allows you to donate to Artomatic.