Performing Artists


Thank you very much for completing your minimum staffing shifts selection. You have now completed you registration process for Artomatic 2017. Please read through the following guidelines based on the category of your participation.

  • The Performing Arts Team will reach out directly in regards to scheduling your performance slot.
  • Performing artists agree to work one 5-hour shift during Artomatic 2017. Performing artists will not be scheduled for a performing slot until they have signed up for the required shift online.
  • Failure to satisfactorily complete the shift will result in suspension from future Artomatic events.
  • Additional shifts commitment from Performing Artists are highly encouraged and appreciated.


Security and Liability

  • Any artwork, video, films, equipment or other personal property exhibited in or brought to the event is exhibited or brought at the participant’s sole risk.
  • No personal property insurance shall be provided by Artomatic or any of its partners.
  • Neither Artomatic nor any of its partners assume any responsibility for damage, theft, or loss of a participant’s artwork, property, or display


For urgent questions relating to:

Registration –

Staffing Shifts –

Performing Arts –

Thank you very much again and we look forward to presenting a successful Artomatic 2017 together with you!