Patricia Thalman

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Visual Artist
Patricia C. Thalman's representative artwork
Contemporary Art From Historic Fredericksburg

In one of America’s most historic cities, Pat Thalman has established a niche for her dramatic contemporary fluid acrylic paintings. The creative process that Thalman most enjoys has led her on a journey that demonstrates the influences of the Abstract Expressionists and the fondness she has cultivated for Oriental Art, including especially Chinese Calligraphy and Japanese Block Prints. Thalman’s technique does not include the use of the painter’s traditional brushes. She produces her art by pouring, splattering, dripping and floating acrylics on canvas, adding marbling affects for texture and motion. One of her most important implements, she says, is a tarpaulin since she often gets as much paint on the floor and her person as she does the canvas. Thalman draws inspiration from events around her. She seeks, in an undefined and abstract manner, to capture a feeling, emotion or moment in time. Thalman hopes her paintings encourage the viewer to ascribe their own unique meaning to the work. Thalman has been active in the Fredericksburg, Va., art community for more than a decade and displays her paintings at Art First Gallery on Caroline Street. She received her undergraduate degree in Interior Design from the University of Maryland and later earned a Master’s degree in Art Education from Penn State University.

Artomatic 2012

The works in my exhibit for Artomatic 2012 celebrate the creative process. Medium unites with dramatic motion in a spontaneous manner. I invite the viewer to bring their meaning to my abstract paintings and become a participant in my artistic expression.