Vikram Dayal

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The painter with something funny to say

My art, much like my other works looks at the humorous aspects of life - quite often through satire. If my painting has evoked some response be it ridicule, anger or outrage, I am flattered. If you see the humor that I see, I am thrilled! The only way of insulting my art is by ignoring it. Laugh at it, ridicule it, curse it, burn it, throw it, just please don't ignore it!

VikramDayal's representative artwork

As artists, quite often we go outdoors to make plein-air paintings. To my plein-air friends I say, "if we need to go out, we really need to out"! This painting is dedicated to my outdoorsy friends!

The painting exemplifies my painting style. From a distance to see the outline of the cosmos and the door. As you come closer, little stick figures pop-out telling their own story.

What does all this mean? Who knows!

Artomatic 2012

I am exhibiting a small representative collection of my work at the Artomatic 2012. I am putting up a few paintings because I want my exhibit to be simple and understated. Next time I will put up a bigger exhibit!

Area 205 on 7 th Floor. My paintings are hanging on the right hand side beside the bar. Which I think is quite appropriate - you will need a drink after you confront my full size painting head on :-).