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General Illustrator/Portraitist

I may be reached by phone @ 703-920-5034
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My work, by no means, can be represented by one image alone or one style or one medium. Basically, I like to draw.
When I was 14, I inherited my grandfather's collection of Walter Foster's How-To-Draw Figures and Nudes in Watercolor and Pastel books. From then on, I was hooked on representing people in my art. While I also just like to draw "things", alone, without composition, it is people that most interest me. I am an introvert (shy) by nature, and I suppose drawing people is my way to be "social" (if that makes any sense).
I consider myself a graphic illustrator, a "commercial artist' if you will. When I started out in my "career", I intended to work somewhere and be an all-in-one art department/illustrator who could handle whatever was needed. I could do realistic, cartoon, editorial, architectural, renderings, storyboards, large murals, miniatures, nature, and logo art, in inks, pastels, watercolors, pencils, acrylics. When the computer came along, while I first resisted it, I learned to work in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Painter, digitally simulating the same traditional media.(I have taught the same as Adjunct Faculty at community colleges for several years.) But, I never connected with that particular "somewhere" and have been freelancing rather poorly most of my working life without financial success. I am presently in need of a rep and hoping to use this venue to connect with a potential employer who could use the talents I possess.
Creatively, in addition to straight portraits, I enjoy creating images with a bit of humor to them. The images on my wall represent perhaps 60% of the things I do. Get in touch with me and I will show you my full range of creative abilities.

Artomatic 2012

I am a commercial illustrator and portrait artist. This is the first year I have exhibited at Artomatic. I have always intended to work somewhere as a full-service illustrator, but I have learned along the way that trying to be everything and do everything to/for everybody made me a bit crazy. So I cut out the "makes me insane /keeps me up at night/more problems than they are worth" projects. Therefore, my wall showcases those images I have enjoyed creating in the past and examples of the kind of images that I presently enjoy creating. These include examples of the type of graphics I would like to create for commercial clients in the future, for individual portrait commissions, and my personal favorites of family and friends. My wall also includes images that I dared not exhibit in the past and have never been seen but by a very, very few.
Another BIG reason to exhibit is to boost my visibility/income in a major way. As it has been mentioned to me many times: "What good is having a talent if no one sees it!" Being validated can be a good thing.