Bhaval Shah Bell

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Name: Bhaval Shah Bell
Tel: 215 850 7492

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Iconic Map Art

My paintings are abstractions of maps: countries, cities, towns, areas. I think of my work as geographical portraits, playing with boundaries and distortion to challenge actual contours. I explore maps as loose shapes to create fluid images.

People connect deeply with where they are from, giving them a strong sense of identity. I’ve seen that individuals also relate powerfully to maps of places that are important to them. I like the fact that shapes of countries, when taken out of context, can be unrecognizable and abstract to most, but extremely identifiable to the owner. As a result of my own multi-cultural background, I have embraced the different geographies that I have been associated with, and this reflects heavily in my work.

The map’s shape is the inspiration for each painting. My initial “sketches’ and ideas are conducted digitally where I decide on colors and composition. I then paint the final piece on canvas with acrylic paint.

Artomatic 2012

Iconic abstract map-art

Level 2, Space #100