Eric Gordon

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Sketchy drawings and paintings from DC

So you weren't too creeped out by the show and you want to get in touch. Go to and post a comment to get the ball rolling.

Also, feel free to check out the work I do with Studio In-Sight of St. Luke's House. Amazing artists living with severe, chronic mental illness.

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Sketchy art from DC that will creep you out!

I started DC Creepers in 2009 with Tommy Corrigan. We were both drawing people on a regular basis on our respective bus commutes as well as in food and beverage purveyors in the DC area. The small format, coupled with the rapidity required to finish a drawing before your subject was no longer in sight (they got off the bus or somebody got in the way; most frequent problems) lent to the style being frantic and highly noodled. Paintings were made that combined drawings that I deemed most successful. The combinations were assembled in a somewhat random worldview that creates an "other place" that is DC, but is also not.