How it works

Participation is relatively simple:

1) Register Online

2) Select your Volunteer Dates & Times

3) Choose the Location and Space for your Artwork, Installation, Performance, and Other Creative and Experiential endeavors on a first-come, first-served basis.

What is Artomatic?

Artomatic is both a creative arts event, i.e., an open-entry showcase of visual art, music, dance, film, performance, written word, storytelling, fashion and a nonprofit organization with a volunteer Board of Directors. It’s funded in part by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities (an agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts).

Can anyone participate in Artomatic?

Yes, entry to Artomatic is open to everyone.

How can you participate in Artomatic?

Visual artists, performers, bands, filmmakers, etc. can participate in an Artomatic event by registering at Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Where is the Artomatic event?

One of the many unique features of Artomatic events is that the sites vary because they are donated by local developers and/or real estate firms. Once the site has been determined, the location and dates of the event are announced, and soon thereafter, the registration process begins.

How much does it cost to attend?

Artomatic is a free event open to the public. It is funded by donations and fueled by volunteers.

Who funds Artomatic?

Artomatic is funded by entry participant fees, donations, sponsorships, and grants.

Location & Dates

17 February


Join Artomatic at our first ARTY-GRAS party Friday, February 17, 2023 (8 pm – 2 am) at Whino in Arlington, VA, where Bourbon Street meets Ballston Quarter! Enjoy the Masquerade Parade of Mardi-Gras costumes and see who will win the cash prizes. End the night with a fabulous dance party hosted by DJ Mike Rodriguez. Mardi-Gras-themed art by artist and Artomatic Board Member Roman Ganzaba will be displayed in a raffle to benefit Artomatic’s work in the community. Free admission. Want to participate in the costume contest or parade? Email Space is limited.

Event Details

How to participate as an artist


Artists are free to do what they wish within their designated space — paint the walls, turn out the lights, or simply tack up their artwork. Because Artomatic events are usually held in an office building, the spaces are as unconventional as the art and they may include large lounges, meeting rooms, kitchens and especially challenging spaces such as closets. Guidelines are provided for the event and more information will be provided after registration.

What does "unjuried" mean? It means anyone who can pay a modest fee to cover expenses can exhibit at Artomatic. It means a lower barrier to entry, no overarching theme or goal, and a huge variety of media. Paintings and photography are the most popular, but anything goes: sculpture, fiber art, videos, multimedia installations, collages, wearable art, and the impossible to categorize. Because anything goes, you’ll get to see plenty of experiments and risk-taking.

*Taken from The Art League’s blog on Artomatic 2017.


Get Involved

Because Artomatic is a non-profit and there is no admission fee for the public to enter our events, we rely on volunteers to serve as staff for our events. Staff members welcome the public, advertise our events, run security and perform a variety of other duties to ensure a successful event.

Are You Participating?

Artomatic is a nonprofit, volunteer-run 501 (c) 3 organization that coordinates and hosts a large arts festival occurring periodically in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, usually in a commercial location slated for demolition. Artomatic’s mission is to create community, build audience and expand economic development by transforming available space into a playground for artistic expression.