Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the artists participating?

Artists come from the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland area. All artists are welcome. To learn more about an artist, please visit his/her/their space.

Can I take pictures of any of the artwork displayed?

Each artist will post her/her/their policy on taking pictures. Some artists do not mind having the public take pictures, but other artists have proprietary licenses on their work. You will find instructions on taking and sharing pictures near each artist’s exhibit.

How can I get involved with Artomatic?

We rely on volunteers so please make sure to go to our Get Involved section. We would love to have you assist us in our activities!

When will the next Artomatic take place?

We work on events on a case-by-case basis, e.g., when we get a building/space and have the infrastructure to support an event.

Are minors (18 and under) allowed to come to an event?

Everyone is welcome to visit Artomatic. However, because this is an unjuried event and all exhibits are accepted, please be aware that nudity, and/or colorful language and images may be found throughout the exhibits and floors. Remember when it comes to art, anything goes. Please check out what unjuried means for more information and view our calendar of events for children.

How does Artomatic fund its events?

We are a nonprofit organization that puts together events when we find space. We rely on public donations, sponsorships and registration fees (from the artists) to sustain our efforts.

Who makes decisions for Artomatic?

The Board of Directors makes decisions. You may view the members of the Board of Directors here.

What is the history of Artomatic?

Artomatic began in 1999. Please visit our About section to learn more about Artomatic.

Does Artomatic check identification cards for alcoholic purchases?

Yes, you must be 21 or older to consume alcoholic beverages and we adhere to the laws of the county in which the event is occurring.

What is Artomatic?

Artomatic is an open-entry creative art showcase of visual art, music, film, performance, poetry and fashion. A non-profit organization headed by a volunteer Board of Directors, Artomatic is funded in part.

Can anyone participate in Artomatic?

Yes entry to Artomatic is completely open.

How can you participate in Artomatic?

Visual artists, performers, bands and filmmakers register on a first-come, first-served basis to participate in Artomatic at www.artomatic.org/register.

Where is the Artomatic event?

Event site varies based upon selection of a site.

Is there a fee to get in?

Artomatic is a free event that is open to the public. It is funded by donations and fueled by volunteers. Artists do need to pay a registration fee to participate in the event.

Who funds Artomatic?

Artomatic is funded by entry participant fees, donations, sponsorships, and grants.

Are there places to eat at Artomatic?

Artomatic works with its host community to highlight local restaurants and food services. Light snacks and beverages are always available at Artomatic events.

What is Artomatic’s mailing address?

1629 K St, NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20006-1631