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Virtual 2020 Event Terms:

Participants in the Artomatic 2020 virtual event (the “Event”) agree to abide by the general terms and conditions as stated below. These terms supersede those for our in-person events, though some of those terms may apply.

  1. Registration : The registration fee is Pay-What-You-Can. Artists can make a suggested donation $20 to honor our 20th anniversary and help us further our mission of strengthening the artist community.
  2. Participation Commitment : At this time we are not asking artists to complete volunteer shifts, but we definitely have volunteer positions available if you are able to commit to such.
  3. Orientation & Site Selection : There are no on site orientations or actual site selections for this virtual event.
  4. Installation and De-installation will be handled by the head of each relevant committee (Volunteers, Performing Artists, etc.). Since there is no actual site selection, these terms generally will not apply.
  5. Sales are handled by the artist(s), in the usual manner except that once an item is sold and transferred to the new owner, artists may replace it with another item on their portion of the Artomatic website.
  6. Other terms for the Event are as specified below.
  7. On-Site Orientation and Site Selection (Visual Artists only)
    • Space selection will occur after orientation has been completed.
    • Site selection dates: i. ii. (to be filled in when date of event is determined)
    • Overflow or late-attendees site selection: i. ii. (to be filled in when date of event is determined)
    • All Visual Artists must attend orientation and site selection to participate in the Event. An orientation and site selection time and day will be emailed to each participant after completing on line registration and selecting shifts. All participants must attend the correct orientation and site selection time and date specified in their email from Artomatic in order to select an exhibit space.
    • Missed Orientations may be rescheduled at the discretion of the Site Operations team.
  8. Security and Liability
    • All artwork, video, films or other personal property exhibited in, or brought to, the event is exhibited or brought at the participant's sole risk.
    • No personal property insurance shall be provided by Artomatic or any of its partners. Neither Artomatic nor any of its partners assume any responsibility for damage, theft, or loss of a participant's artwork, property, or display.
    • Participant agrees to release Artomatic and its partners from any liability relating to loss of personal property.
  9. Intellectual Property
    • Participants agree that any work displayed as part of the Event may be photographed or filmed and used for marketing or publicity purposes.
    • Given the public nature of the Event, visitors and participants may photograph or video any part of the Event, including performances and art work. Artomatic is not responsible for photographs or video taken by visitors at the Event.
  10. Personal Property: Any and all personal property exhibited in or brought to the Event by participant is exhibited at or brought to the Event at participant’s sole risk.
  11. Insurance (Need to fill in the BID, developer, Licensor, Licensor’s Agent) are providing any insurance to Participant’s personal property.
  12. Release Participant hereby releases (need to fill in the Bid, Developer, Licensor, Licensor’s Agent, Municipality and its Board), and their respective employees, agents, and contractors from any and all potential liability for loss or damage to the Participant’s personal property

As a participant in the Event, I understand and agree to the above-stated terms and conditions. I further understand that failure to agree to and abide to these terms and conditions may disqualify me from this Event and any future Artomatic events.


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Pay What You Can $20 x 1 suggested donation

Pay What You Can $20 suggested donation

Pay What You Can $20 suggested donation

Pay What You Can $20 suggested donation

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