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Marketing Team

The Artomatic Marketing Team develops, coordinates, and implements branding, marketing and promotion of Artomatic. The Team works to ensure that relationships with participants, the community, and funding supporters are optimized. Artomatic Marketing Team responsibilities include Artomatic's marketing, public relations and advertising. Eric Shutt and Lance Marburger are the Marketing Co-Chairs for the 2012 Artomatic event.

Staffing and Volunteer Management Team (SVM)

Among the many tasks  Staffing and Volunteer Management Team (SVM) is responsible for  are volunteer recruitment for all teams and event, management of artist participant staff, oversight of staffing throughout event and bar management and ABC licenses.
Jeanan Humphrey and Amanda Collodel are the SVM Co-Chairs for the 2012 Artomatic event.

Site and Operations Management (Site Ops)

The Site and Operations Management Team (Site Ops) plans, oversees, and executes site and event operations. The Site Ops Team allocates and manages space and physical assets for Artomatic Teams and participating artists. The Site Ops Team also builds on the resources required to sustain operations during and between events.
Tom Cardarella  and Evie Altman are the Site Ops Co-Chair for the 2012 Artomatic event.

Performing Arts Team (PA)

The Performing Arts Team (PA) is responsible for developing and delivering a large and varied slate of performances, including music, dance, poetry, and theater during Artomatic, and for coordinating performing-arts-related programming, such as performance workshops.
Lisa Geter-Norman and Mary Diaz are the PA Co-Chairs.

Arts Programs and Resources Team (APR)

The Arts Programs & Resources Team (APR) is responsible for educational programs (for artists and non-artists, adults and children), resources for artists, and special events and exhibits during Artomatic.
Lauren Kotkin is the APR Co-Chair for the 2012 Artomatic event.

Film Program Team 

The Film Program Team is in charge of creating a rich exhibition of independent filmmakers, events by DC-area film festivals, and a professional development series for filmmakers given by film industry professionals.                                                 Stana Benesova Kimball and Sydney-Chanele Dawkins are the Film Program Co-Chairs.


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