We are open to almost anything that you want to plan. Our Executive Committee will still have to approve each submitted event. Since Submitting can be a little tricky, here are some tips for the following form:
  1. Event Title: Make sure it describes the event and enticed folks to show up. Don’t make it too long, it might be hard to read on mobile displays.
  2. Event Description: describe your event, what is it, whose it for, what to expect and so on. This section gives you some basic formatting, Bold, Italic, bullet list and so on.
  3. Event Time and Date: This one is pretty obvious, enter time and date of start and time and date of end.  You can also click a check box to make it an all day event. There is also a option for multiple events, it’s useful if you have an event that happens more than once and it allows for exception days.
  4. Event Image: Click the button to add an image for your event. Since images will display as a square on the site, you should use a graphics program to make your image a square so that it doesn’t distort.
  5. Event Categories: These are preset by or Events Team. If your event doesnt fit into the preset categories, choose Unlabled from the list.
  6. Event Tags: Tags are used to help sort events, choose what fits your event best.
  7. Event Status: this is used more by the Events Team, so choose Scheduled…But suppose your scheduled event is canceled, we can change it’s status so that anyone interested will know for sure it’s canceled, it’s just common curtisy.
  8. Venue Details: Choose from the dropdown list to find the floor, stage, section, or area where you would like your event to take place. That’s not a guarantee that you will get that spot, but we’ll do our best to make it happen. If somehow your event is happening in multiple spots, click the “Add another Venue” button.
  9. Organizer Details: this one has confused some folks, but it’s really simple. Click the dropdown to see a list of organizers, so if you have already set up one event, you can just choose from the list and not have to re-enter your information. But if your are doing it for the first time, the very first option is a box that says Create or Find an Organizer. This allows you to start typing your name, if you are already an organizer, your name will pop up, if you are a new organizer, type your name and hit enter, more fields will appear for Phone, Website and Email so that folks interested in your event can contact you and get more information. This info must be entered so that the Events team can contact you to confirm your event.
  10. Event Website: This is for things like external links to your EventBrite or any other site you need for support of your event.
  11. Event Cost: Leave it blank.
  12. Agree to our terms in the little check box and hit Submit Event